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My Story

Aguascalientes means “hot waters” – a reference to the various hot springs in the

area. The region in which Aguascalientes is situated has cave paintings and artifacts

dating back more than 20,000 years, indicating evidence of early human existence

in the area. The state is home to the San Marcos Fair, which occurs annually for two

to three weeks around the Feast Day of St. Marcos (April 25th). It is one of the largest

fairs in Latin America and is the largest fair in Mexico. Given its central location,

Aguascalientes attracts many industry trade shows and conventions, though the

San Marcos Fair brings in the signifi cant tourist trade. In the northern part of the

state are several old mining ghost towns to explore, and the Sierra Fría mountain

range offers scenic vistas, especially during the autumn leaf-peeping season.

Founded in 1575, the capital city of Aguascalientes is often referred to as “El

Corazón” (the heart of Mexico), given its central geographical location. The city

is also considered the cleanest in Latin America and has a signifi cant foreign

population from countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Aguascalientes is

both a business and cultural hub, with many museums and historical buildings to

visit. Both the downtown Cathedral and the Government Palace are, respectively,

impressive examples of 16th and 17th-century baroque architecture. La Estación

is a historic and recreational area surrounding the city’s old train station. The Ojo

Caliente is a historic landmark bathhouse that has been welcoming bathers to its

therapeutic waters since 1808. Cerro del Muerto is a rock formation that resembles

a man lying down as if he’s deceased. A moderate-rated, four-mile trail will reward

hikers at sunset with stunning views.


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